De nieuwe Cyrus ONE Cast

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23 oktober 2019
De nieuwe Auralic Altair G1
24 oktober 2019

De nieuwe Cyrus ONE Cast

De Cyrus ONE Cast is de toevoeging aan de Cyrus familie . Het is de grote broer van de succesvolle ONE uit 2016 en ONE HD van 2018. Het is een prachtige versterker met ChromeCast, Bluetooth, Airplay 2, HDMI ARC en meer. Ook is de ONE Cast geschikt om met spraakbesturing van Google assistant, Alexa en Siri te werken. ‘s werelds eerste hifi versterker met de voorgaande functionaliteit. De Cyrus ONE Cast is hier beschikbaar voor slechts € 1625,-

Zie hieronder de meest opvallende punten van de ONE Cast:

High-power Amplifier:

2 x 100W gives class-leading power output that will drive most loudspeakers regardless of their size. All that power enables Cyrus ONE HD to present your music with a huge dynamic range, giving 3D detail and bags of energy without the need to buy big, bulky, inefficient amplifier boxes.

MM Phono Stage:

Cyrus ONE HD features a built-in phono stage that is compatible with all Moving Magnet cartridges and requires no adjustment or extra set up, enabling you to play all your favourite vinyl from most turntables.

Digital and analogue inputs:

Asynchronous USB, optical and SPDIF inputs enable you to connect your PC, TV, Games Console, CD player, indeed virtually any source, directly to the Cyrus ONE HD. Four analogue inputs include RCA terminals for a turntable and an AV input that can be set to fixed gain in order to integrate with a separate AV amplifier.

Cyrus ONE Casting mogelijkheden

Class AB Headphone Amplifier:

Uniquely, when headphones are connected, the large toroidal transformer is switched to power just the headphone section. These huge reserves of power result in a high power, high voltage class AB headphone amplifier that will drive almost all headphones with ease. The resulting musical performance is on a par with most standalone headphone amplifiers.

Speaker Impedance Adjustment:

SID – Speaker Impedance Detection automatically matches the amplifier’s output response to the electrical load of the loudspeakers. This means that matching Cyrus ONE HD to any brand of loudspeaker has suddenly been made so much easier

Cyrus ONE Cast
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